Birthplace: Ottawa, ON

Zodiac Sign:

Instruments: Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Musical Skills: Songwriting, Composing, Recording, Mixing, Lyrics
Secret Skills: Mind control, Shape-shifting
Interests: Music, Movies, History, Sociology, Politics, Sex
Hobbies: Cooking, Graphic design, Songwriting, Video games
Having Fun: Jamming out, Partying with friends, Hot tubs, Nights under the moonlight
Fave Foods: Jerk chicken, Fish, Salads
Fave Movies: Thrillers, Science-fiction, Porn, Documentaries
Turn-Ons: My girlfriend, Fun times, 420
Turn-Offs: Bullshitters, Work, Winter
Personal Quote: Live Long & Prosper
Bucket List: Worldwide trips, Making millions, Own a wicked boat and a plane


I've been involved with music from a very young age. My mother came from a country music background and played guitar and sang country songs. My brother played drums, and my uncles were guitar players and fireside singers.

At an early age, I played trumpet for a few years as well as acoustic guitar, accordian, and some piano. As I got into my later teens, I got my first electric guitar and started teaching myself with the help of books, videos and jamming with like-minded friends. We had a little half-ass garage band, and had a lot of fun.

For years to follow, I did a lot of songwriting on my own. As I got into my twenties, I started doing some home recording. I got serious and spent time learning and improving my skills at playing, singing, songwriting and producing.

By no means, was this serious productions,
but enough to capture the music and vocal melodies for that moment.

In later years; a lot of original ideas were reborn
and would come back to help form new songs.

In the spring of 2010, I decided it was finally time to put a new, all-original group together.
The search began.

After meeting and playing with various musicians,
I decided to join with a couple of guitarists,
and shortly thereafter, a keyboardist.
With great enthusiasm, we started writing, practicing,
and developing songs as a serious musical group.

Fast forward to today, I now front the band
as the lead vocalist; and help create and develop our
unique arsenal of on the edge rock songs.

I hope you get a chance to see us live,
as we bring a serious and powerful experience.

I hope to see you all soon somewhere out there...