Birthplace: Orangeville, ON

Zodiac Sign:

Instruments: Bass, Beatbox, Voices
Musical Skills: Songwriting, Composing, Recording
Secret Skills: Melee Sneaks, Lockpicking
Interests: Lazers, Physics, Fire
Hobbies: Cooking, Arguing on the internet
Having Fun: Jamming out, Partying with friends
Fave Foods: Pizza, Steak & Potatoes
Fave Movies: Untouchables, Lethal Weapon, Minority Report
Turn-Ons: Sushi, Redheads, Mathcore
Turn-Offs: Cold french fries, Broken zippers
Personal Quote: Luck is just probability taken personally
Bucket List: Worldwide trips, Making millions, Own a wicked boat


At the age of 17, I picked up an acoustic guitar and started plucking away on the E string and playing it like a Bass. It didn't take long until I was joining with friends in high school and learning all the great hits from the 70's and on. From Jimmy Hendrix's Purple Haze to Metallica's Master of Puppets.

I was influenced by Flea, Les Claypool, Cliff Burton, and Steffan Lessard in style, and driven by blues, jazz, funk, rock, and hip-hop in spirit. My draw to Rock music is as natural as a draw to breath, the fun to be had is unmatched, the power of that train is forever pulling.

Having been in a classic rock\country band, a thrash metal band, a jazz metal progressive band, and an alternitive progressive band;as well as working solo and in duets in Blues, classical and other mixed projects.

At 28, I realized my growth was limited, so I began taking formal lessons in Bass playing and vocals. I tend to drift towards being a busy and flashy Bass player, but I also find now that less is sometimes more. During this time, I was seeking out a new place to play my music as well as to apply my new skills and knowledge.

Enter: Angels of Fire. After listening and playing the material they were producing, I was in. This was going to be a band that I needed to bring out my true talents and finally challenge me.

So my approach is to be a solid backbone, break that back, and then while it heals, attach a bunch of arms wielding chainsaws, lasers and 250mm cannons...